North Creek Project - Hydro Seeding


Looking for guidance on the right seeding type? Ask our professionals. We have hydro-seeders of many different sizes, and we have the manpower and equipment to seed jobs of all sizes.

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Conventional Seeding, EC Blanket, Ditch Checks

Conventional seeding and mulching

Whether you have a modest stretch of land or acres upon acres of areas that require seeding, we have many different sizes of tractors, seeders, and hay busters that allow us to efficiently seed projects of any size.

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Native Grass & Wild Flower Seeding at Ashton Pointe

Native grass and wildflower seeding

Beautify your property with a landscape of native grass and wildflowers seeded by the team at Soil-Tek! We have the equipment and skill necessary to prepare the seed bed and drill the seed.

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Terra Seeding

Terra-seeding/top dressing

Have our professionals apply our unique terra-seeding to your property! Our terra-seeding is compost and seed that is pneumatically applied as a top dress or compost seeding blanket.

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