Tree Planting Project with Hydro Seeding

Planting: Tree and shrub installation

Decorate your landscape with an array of trees and shrubs! Our staff is able to dig, stake, and mulch around plant beds to make sure your landscape looks great. Show us your landscape plans and we’ll get everything placed properly.

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Sod Installation


Finish up your landscaping project with quality sod to complete your project. We can provide the finished grade and professionally install the sod.

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Sod & Temporary Irrigation


We offer watering services for sod, seed, and tree and shrub plantings.

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Rain Garden Soil Blend

Rain gardens

Get full-service rain garden installations with us! We can provide excavation, install the drainage and sub-drainage, install the soil blend, and install the seed or plantings per your design plan.

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Bio Retention Cell


We provide full-service excavation, drainage and sub-drainage, soil blend installation, and seed or plant installation as per design plans.

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Live Stake Planting in Rip-Rap

Wetland mitigation

Come to us for your wetland mitigation projects - we can install trees, shrubs, or do plug plantings. We also perform seeding restoration for wetland mitigation.

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Living Wall Project at Tonawanda Drive

Streambank restoration

Our team is experienced in repairing and restoring streambanks and shorelines. We utilize multiple methods for this so that we can choose the option that’s best for you and your property.

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Living Wall

Slope stabilization/living walls

Utilizing soil, compost, or seed-filled E-tube Socks, we can stabilize slopes and install living walls. We also use hydro-seeding techniques, erosion control blankets, and turf reinforcement mats to stabilize slopes.

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Stone Patio and Boulder Retaining Wall

Retaining walls/hardscapes

Give your garden or landscape a fresh look with a new retaining wall or concrete pavers professionally installed by the experts at Soil-Tek.

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Playground Mulching

Landscape mulch and rock installation

Take your commercial landscape to the next level with mulch and landscaping rock to solidify the look of your project.

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