Complete Solutions for Commercial Properties

Erosion Control Blanket & TRM after

Keeping Erosion Under Control

Choose from an array of erosion and sediment control products and services. With over 15 years in erosion and sediment control, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to prevent unwanted erosion.

Safeguard your water sources with us
Primary services
  • Silt fence
  • E-tube Filter Sock
  • Straw wattles/wood excelsior logs
  • Inlet protection
  • Erosion Control Blanket (ECB)
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM)
  • Concrete washout systems
TRM, Filter Sock, Hydro Seeding after

Multiple Seeding Methods

Choose a seeding method that is right for your project. The professionals on staff at Soil-Tek have the supplies and skill to seed projects of all sizes, and our seeding operators are highly trained in how to handle a large number of seeding situations.

Reap the benefits of proper seeding
Primary services
  • Hydro-seeding
  • Conventional seeding and mulching
  • Native grass and wildflower seeding
  • Terra-seeding/top dressing
Native Grass & Wild Flower Seeding at Ashton Pointe

Innovative Landscaping Options

Impress your clients with beautiful landscaping installed professionally. From functionality to decoration, we can provide you with landscaping elements that will keep your property looking its best.

Make sure your property is dressed to impress
Primary services
  • Planting: Tree and shrub installation
  • Sod
  • Watering
  • Rain gardens
  • Bioswales/biocells
  • Wetland mitigation
  • Streambank restoration
  • Slope stabilization/living walls
  • Retaining walls/hardscapes
  • Landscape mulch and rock installation
Storm Drain Outflow (stormwater, water, drainage)

Get Your Storm Water Permit

Since 2004, Soil-Tek has been providing storm water compliance services. Whether you need to get your storm water permit or create a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, we have affordable options available to you.

Don’t let storm water rain on your parade
Primary services
  • SWPPP creation
  • NPDES permit
  • SWPPP management and inspections